Wooden Deck vs. Concrete Patio


As you renovate your backyard to create an outdoor space you can enjoy, you have many options: metal furniture or wood, conversation sets or picnic tables, gravel or grass, wooden deck or concrete patio. You’ll want to take a close look at your foundation before deciding on a wooden deck or concrete patio.

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Maintenance needs

As with everything in and around your home, your patio or deck requires some maintenance.


Concrete patios are extremely durable and don’t need much maintenance. You have the option of sealing your patio, and with some minor cleaning, you should be good. A wooden deck may need to be power washed, stained and sealed every year or two, depending on the material.

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Is your house on a slope? Do you have a lot of rocks or uneven terrain? These are some considerations to keep in mind as you look into patio options.

wooden patio

If your ground is uneven, a concrete patio can be hard to install and can crack during variable temperatures. A wooden deck can be installed on just about every type of land, even if it’s not level.

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What kind of look are you going for?   Be sure to keep customization options in mind as you choose a deck or patio.

A concrete patio doesn’t have too many options. A wooden deck is easier to tailor to your needs.  You can stain or paint the wood in your favorite color. You can match it to the outside of your house or trim and change the color whenever you paint the house.


How long do you need the deck or patio to last? The lifespan varies depending on the material used and the general wear and tear it’s subjected to over time.

wood wear

A concrete patio can last for decades without too much maintenance. A wooden deck is susceptible to weather damage and can rot.  You may need to replace or repair the deck more often if not properly maintained.


The cost of a renovation can vary depending on what type of deck, patio, plants, and decorations you chose. Concrete patios are usually the least expensive option, at just about $5 per square foot.  The price of a wooden deck can vary, depending on the materials you choose. Some high-end materials can cost about $30 or more per square foot.

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